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Our history

    The formal ceremony of the foundation stone’s laying of a new naval base on the western outpost of the Russian Empire was held on 12 August 1893 at the presence of the Emperor Alexander III.


     The  construction  of  two dry-docks  into the military port’s territory, and named in honour of Russian Empresses Maria and Alexandra, was completed in 1900.  Moreover new mechanical, ship-repair and new building workshops have started to work in the same year.

    For many years docking of vessels at Yard has been done by the Maltese system.        

   Various details and mechanisms have been manu- factured in mechanical and other workshops both for shiprepair and industrial sector such as farming. Also ship’s and industrial steam boilers have been fabricated..

     In addition to the main activity some minor orders have been performed at Yard in the thirties of the last century. Under the order of government of the USSR about 60 goods wagons has been constructed.  

   In the beginning of the last century in the Yard’s workshops the new kind of occupation was developed - repair and recondition of air planes. In 1936 a whole line of planes was produced for a new air squadron of Aizsargs (Latvian paramilitary organization).

In the Soviet period the Yard was the largest repair base of Navy fleet at the Baltic Sea. Various naval vessels, service vessels and submarines have been under repair in Yard’s docks or re-equipped at berths. About 5 thousand of workers have been engaged in the Yard’s workshops and repaired objects.